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K9 Tracking and Gundog Training with Todd Lutman is a Family Owned Company that offers a variety of quality Working Dogs, we offer training and trained Dogs.
We specialize in providing Personal & Family Protection Dogs of exceptional high quality.
We committed in helping to fight crime, poaching and stock theft we offer trained and training of Mantrailing/Tracking Dogs for Anti Poaching, Stock Theft and tracking down criminals. "Personal Family Home Protection Dogs, Bloodspoor Trailing, Blood Dog Tracking, Gundog Training, Mantrailing, Anti Poaching-Stock Theft, Trained Dogs for Sale"
Supporting our South Africa's Safari industry we have perfected a unique and highly successful training programme for Bloodspoor Dogs for assisting in locating wounded game.
South Africa offers some of the Worlds best Bird Shooting opportunities, while offering Bird Shooting opportunities as part of our additional business we provide high quality trained Gundogs and training of Clients Gundogs. All our Dogs are sourced and bred from some of the best working bloodlines available.
My K9 Handlers & I personally handle all the training of our Dogs & Clients Dogs in training. Our Home & Base is located between Vaalwater & Lapelale Limpopo, South Africa.
Dogs and training is our passion, its a way of life for our Family and Team.

We offer an option for Owners where they can send their Dogs to us for In-house training for the following: Obedience, Protection, Puppy development, Behaviour Concerns or Issues.
When your Dog visit us here they treated as if they are our own, lots of love and attention.
All our Dogs spend at least twice a day out either training or on a walk on the the Game Ranch. 
Once your dog has completed their training, time is spent with the Handler/Owner to show them how to work with their dogs new training.

Through our Teams extensive knowledge and experience we are able the offer well rounded Dogs with lovely temperaments and drive.
We take extra care in raising and training all our dogs.
Our Training is humane and our techniques are updated continuously.
Our focus and commitment is to train and development the perfect Family and or Personal Protection Dog.

Whatch our K9 Tracking & Trailing videos on Youtube

Ice Muzzle Training


We offer Personal & Home Protection Dogs and provide training to the new owners.
Our Personal & Home Protection Dogs are trained and raised with superb care to serve and protect their new families.


We provide a wide range of Working Dogs:
Mantrailing, Anti Poaching & Stock Theft, Blood Spoor Trailing, Bird Dogs, Protection, and Green Dogs (early stages of training development).

The 3 categories of Trained Dogs:
  1. Green Dog is a young Dog around 6 to 12 months Old in training
  2. Intermediate Dog is around 13 to 18 months Old that has been in a working environment for around a year.
  3. Advanced working Dog would roughly be from 22 to 36 months Old that has had much more training and been exposed to real life case scenarios and pressure.
Personal, Family and Home Protection Dogs:

We offer Personal Protection Dogs are that trained to protect the owner and or family. Our Personal Protection Dogs are trained and raised with superb care to serve and protect their new families, they are trained in both obedience and protection. Our trained Dogs can accompany you where ever you go, to protect you. Our Dogs are house and vehicle trained to accompany you in your vehicle. Our Dogs are trained for a variety of scenarios from protecting you in your car, house to walking in the street or while you are on your farm..... read more on Personal Family and Home  Protection Dogs

Blood Spoor Trailing:

Blood Dog is just another name for a Dog that is performing a scent trailing function with the same discipline to find wounded animals or one that tracks human beings. Trailing Dogs can be classified broadly as either trailing or air-scenting Dogs and tracking Dogs. Trailing frequently is confused with tracking, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Blood Spoor Training, Blood Spoor Trailing & Blood Spoor Dogs for Sale.... read more on Blood Spoor Trailing


Mantrailing is based on the ability of the Dog to distinguish between individual scents, and sole focus needs to be on a human's unique scent, ignoring distractions and so successfully find the specific human. In the beginning of the trail the Dog is scented on a piece of clothing or other item that has the scent of the lost person and the Dog will follow this individual scent on the trail. K9 Mantrailing, K9 Tracking & K9 Mantrailing Dogs for Sale.... read more on Man Trailing

Anti Poaching - Trailing and theft of Livestock:

Anti poaching trained Dogs can be classified broadly as either Trailing Dogs (air-scenting) or Tracking Dogs. In the wilderness tracking & trailing Dogs can be deployed from the slaughtered animal or poacher(s) last known point and is the perfect method to counteract illegal hunting and wildlife trade by poachers. In parts of South Africa wildlife game and livestock theft is endemic. Trailing Dogs have proved to be an essential tool to fight wildlife crime. Anti Poaching Dog Training, Live Stock Theft Tracking or Trailing Dog Training. Anti Poaching Dogs for Sale & Live Stock Theft Tracking Dogs for Sale.... read more on Anti Poaching, Trailing and Tracking of Control livestock theft

Gun Dog - Bird Dog Training:

My training program helps to bring gundogs inherent prey drive to top level and then begins to mould that natural instinct into the desired behaviour of a confident, well mannered Bird Dog. Through the development of conditioned responses and learned behaviour I’m able to produce Dogs that are proficient in heeling off lead, handling on command, plus confidently steady on birds.... read more on Gun Dog - Bird Dog Training

We can also assist with "Wire Snare Detection Dog" training and Dogs for Sale as well as Search & Rescue Dog Training.

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