Having been in the Safari Business & Conservation for over 31 years, Todd is dedicated to the success of his K9 & Gun DogTraining Facility. Todd was born in Zambia and spent his youth in Zimbabwe for 18 years, where hunting, fishing & Dogs together with falconry was his way of life. Since 1985 Todd has lived in Southern Africa & has been totally committed to Wildlife & Conservation, both as a Professional Hunter and Professional Trails Guide throughout well-known “Big Five” Wildlife areas. Todd is dedicated to the success of his K9 Training Facilities, managed professionally, with attention in detail, to both infrastructure and facilities.

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Email: todd@k9tracking.co.za
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Norman is our Senior Tracker & Training Assistant, he has been an integral part of both the Safari & the K9 Training Business. We have been working together since 2006 in both Zimbabwe & South Africa. Norman grew up in the Southern part of Zimbabwe where he learnt as a young Boy to track cattle & game for bush meat to take home to his family.
From 5 years old Norman had to learn to track and survive & from this experience Norman has tremendous Tracking and Survival Skills, these skills are used in & during the Dog Training Programmes we offer.

Between Todd & Norman they have a combine number of 70 years of experience in the field.
Our Aim & Passion is to make a change.