Redtick Coon Hound / Dakota

  • Dog breed:

    Redtick Coon Hound

  • Training As:

    Mantrailing/tracking – Anti Poaching – Live Stock Theft

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Anti Poaching -:- Trailing & Theft of Livestock

Anti-poaching trained Dogs can be classified broadly as either Trailing Dogs (air-scenting) or Tracking Dogs. In the wilderness Tracking & Trailing, Dogs can be deployed from the slaughtered animal or poacher(s) last known point and is the perfect method to counteract illegal hunting and wildlife trade by poachers. In parts of South Africa wildlife game and livestock theft is endemic.

Trailing Dogs have proved to be an essential tool to fight wildlife crime by tracking down poachers, detecting wildlife products, tracking stolen livestock, and tracking security fences that had been breached. News of areas where trained tracking dogs are deployed is quickly shared between poachers and criminal syndicates, and therefore they avoid the areas.